Baby Shower Games – Alphabet Game…The Baby Way!

May 4th, 2010 | by Kacie  |


When a baby is on the way, it is just normal to start thinking about everything “baby” – baby clothes, baby names, baby toys, baby accessories, and just about every baby thing there is. Baby shower games are also a familiar thought for those throwing a baby shower party.

What better way then, to celebrate the coming of a new baby than by speaking of everything about a baby? The Alphabet Game is one of the most popular baby shower games because it is fun, easy, and quick! It will push your guests to be alert to win the game. Plus, you will know which ones know a lot of things about babies.

There are two variations to this game.

The ‘Write it down’ way:

Give the guests a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Each guest will be given 5 minutes to write down as many baby items as they can. The main theme of the game is to use the alphabets. Therefore, for each letter of the alphabet, there must be a corresponding item. So the person who is in the farthest letter of the alphabet wins the game…with a correct item for it, of course.

Each letter can only be used once. If you want to extend the time for longer than 5 minutes, you can do so. Just don’t make it too long or else your guests will start to get mentally fatigued! Remember, baby shower games are for fun!

The ‘Say it’ way:

Each guest will say a word, any object that refers to a baby. The first guest will start with letter A, the next with letter B, and so on. Each letter can only be used once. This variation has to be quick. If you can’t keep up, you are out. A pause in the Alphabet Game must be counted down to five. If there is no answer, a guest is out of the game.

It is fun to see guests scrambling for words to associate with a letter. The mind is put to the test and baby smarts are challenged. Coming up with words that are not baby related is all too common in this baby shower game. Just to stay in the game, the guests will say anything. Don’t be surprised if new baby items are suddenly invented.

Have the mother-to-be play the referee. She can participate, but if there are any questionable baby items she decides wither the player stays or goes! Alphabets have never been more enjoyable. Start thinking of baby words now and the prize will be just within your reach.


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