Baby Shower Game – It’s Feeding Time!

April 30th, 2010 | by Kacie  |


One of the primary responsibilities of motherhood is feeding the baby right and on time. Baby shower games in your party with a feeding concept is not only relevant but also so much fun, especially if you see grownups acting as babies being fed with a large bib, baby food, and all the works. Add a blindfold and the baby shower game turns hilarious!


“It’s Feeding Time!” is a game for 4 people – 2 pairs at a time. One person acting as the “baby” and the other as the “mom.”


Things to Use:

  • 2 chairs
  • 2 bibs
  • 2 small spoons
  • Baby food like crushed apple or pear, or instant cereal
  • Blindfold


  1. Have 2 people sit down on their chairs. High chairs like bar stools are better as they will signify a baby’s high chair. These players on the chairs are the “babies."
  2. Put a bib around them to get them ready for the game. If you have some headwear or mittens, then the more realistic for the role of the baby. It will be so much fun to watch!
  3. The 2 other participants are the “mothers.” Have an apron ready, if available to prevent stain mishaps. With this baby shower game, you’ll never know.
  4. Blindfold the “mothers” and the “babies.
  5. The “mothers” have to feed their “babies” in 30 seconds. Sounds easy, right? They’re blindfolded however, so this will give a challenging and super duper fun factors to the “It’s Feeding Time!” baby shower game.
  6. The pair of mother and baby with the most eaten baby food or those who finish the food first win the game.

Everybody will get a good laugh watching the “babies” and “moms” miss each other’s spoon and mouth while in a hurry to finish their food. This is one of the most popular and well-liked baby shower games. Give it a try and share a fun time with everyone at the baby shower.

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