Baby Shower Invitations – Star Wars Theme

September 7th, 2009 | by Kacie  |

 There’s something about people who name their kids after lead movie characters everyone seems to know. Names like Indiana (Jones), Forest (Gump), or even Nemo come to mind.

So when a relative chooses LUKE for a their next expected bundle of boy, our family had a good laugh. Both parents are huge Star Wars fans, so we were just lucky that they didn’t decide on Chewie, Darth or Yoda.

The name Luke works quite well for them because they already have a Logan and Luke comes next in the boy name alphabet list.

We were elected to throw Luke’s baby shower (dah…we own a baby shower website) so we went with a Star Wars theme.

This party theme is perfect for a kid’s birthday…cake, ice cream and everyone screaming in the pool on a hot summer day, so we thought it would be just as fun for our guest. It was! Here’s how we designed the invitations…

Details on the back:

Font said (catered to the honored family):

The trilogy begins…
Many years ago in a not so far away galaxy, a son was born, Logan.  That son has fallen to the forces of evil to gain power over the universe.  The dark side leader, David Darthvader has captured the Galactic Princess Melissa and are with child.  Our hope for the good of mankind is upon us in the arrival of future skywalker, Luke.  The Glactic Council will hold an emergnecy tribunal conference during the 1300 hour of the first day of the eighth month MMIX.  The fate of the empire is in your hands.  May the force be with you.

We designed the star background using a program called Pixalator.  You can get the star background (two versions) on our flickr account here:

Get the BEST quality Star Wars graphics at this website:

We downloaded a special Star Wars font for free from this website:

Tips:  Use high quality paper to print invitations.  I printed my invitations on photo paper for the best quality. 

If you have any questions e-mail us or leave a comment and we will try to help.

VIDEO Coming soon: How to Make an iMovie Baby Shower Invitation so check back with us soon!

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