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June 10th, 2009 | by Kacie  |

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Instead of the traditional baby shower invitations . . . make yours unique and different.  Make your guests feel as though they are attending a big event with these authentic TICKETS!  By using the free jpeg below you can insert your personal information for your event on your ticket using Word.

Here you will find the ticket in orange . . . which reminded me of Ticketmaster, blue or pink are also available below.  We have also provided an example for a Co-Ed Baby Shower.  And you can also see how you can incorporate a baby shower for twins.

Use this baby shower invitation for your entire theme by incorporating our free game baby shower baseball and our recipe for the Apple Pie in a glass.  You can also serve popcorn in the old fashion red and white striped boxes as a snack for guests.

We made these tickets using the Snagit Editor.  This program is a must have for Web Owners, Scrapbookers, and the Mom that likes things quick, easy, and simple!  Here are the available jpegs:



  1. Take jpeg and save to pictures.
  2. Insert into Word document and enlarge to your liking.
  4. Print on resume paper or heavy letterhead.
  5. Mail in standard envelope.

If you have any problems please e-mail or post a comment and we can help!  Enjoy your event!


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  1. 3 Responses to “Baby Shower Invitations - Wording”

  2. By wendy on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    how do i enter the text on the ticket looking invitation?

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Baby shower invitations - CONCERT TICKET

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