Baby Carriage Cake Recipe

June 11th, 2008 | by Kacie  |

Baby Shower Cake

I just had the arrival of my second nephew. As a proud Aunt, I pronounce Jackson Gabriel Thomas as our newest edition to the family. In planning for his arrival, we threw my sister a wonderful baby blue baby shower.

The cake was inspired by her new baby carriage, which as sisters was just like the one she pushed around for years carrying dolls and animals that were her favorites from the moment when we were kids.

This fun, classically designed cake is easy to make. Here is the simple cake recipe:

Make a round cake and cut one quarter out.

Use two cupcakes as the wheels of the carriage.

Decorate with icing as you choose.

Have fun and be creative! You do not have to limit yourself to just icing use different candies as the spokes or whatever you like.

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How to make a baby carriage cake. This baby shower cake recipe uses simple tricks that anyone can do.